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The only one of it's kind - 22 years in the same location - a Non Profit 501(c)3 Dramatic Arts Organization!!   

My 12 year old son is learning so much at DYAS! He started acting in theatre and wanted to move to film/tv. The experience at DYAS is professional, positive and fun. This is a real-life experience: he has filmed on a real set, received feedback from real casting directors -- and is looking forward to meeting real Hollywood agents during the spring showcase. Linda and Xai emphasize the importance of being authentic. My son is learning to connect the script to his personal experiences. They also provide insights and advice to the parents on how to navigate this industry. We are confident that our son is getting the training, advice and experience to make his dreams come true. -- Elizabeth C.

I'm a 15 year old boy and I love it here at Dallas Young Actors Studio! I volunteer and participate in classes and the summer program. Dallas young actors studio is a great place with amazing instructors and a dedicated director that's perfect for anyone who enjoys participating in acting or is looking for a career in acting! We do all sort of fun and helpful activities and exercises that count as credits on our resume for the future! -- James T.

In August 2017 I moved to the Dallas area from England, this was such a crazy change and I wasn't enjoying anything here, Acting was something I have always enjoyed, so I search for acting schools in my area and came across Dallas Young Actors Studio! My dad and I decided we would give this a try. When I arrived at the studio the environment was amazing! We had to fill out a couple of papers and we got a tour around the studio by Elizabeth Campbell, she was really friendly and welcoming, I was but into the 11:30 class with Coach Xai, Xai is one of the many amazing coaches at the studio, everyone here wants to help you to achieve your goals and pushes you to do your best. Linda Seto is amazing you can see she puts her all into the studio and she really wants everyone to do their best. I have only been at the studio for about 3 months and I wouldn't want to spend my Saturdays anywhere else! I am 16 years old and I volunteer and also take acting classes and I have made friend with some amazing people! I would recommend this to anyone how wants or you want to see what happens behind the scenes! I absolutely love it here and I want to thank everyone at DYAS !!! -- Emmie F.

We absolutely love the studio! The day my son had his trial class, was the day he decided that he was right where he needed to be, this place was it!!! As his parent, I have to say that we are very, very pleased with the staff, his coach, the training he is getting, as well as the owner Linda!! My son couldn't have chosen a better place & we are behind him every step of the way!!! Exceptional all around!!!! We're beyond excited to see how much more he learns & see where this takes him!! -- Cindie R.

We love this school. My son is learning so much and is so excited about the unique opportunities that DYAS offers. Linda Seto, the director, is a television producer with knowledge of the industry and contacts with the top agents and casting directors in Hollywood. The coaches are amazing. I highly recommend this acting school if you are looking for a real path to success. -- Liz E.

We have been huge fans of DYAS for some time. Several years ago, my son Patrick participated in Young Actors Studio and he had a BLAST! Then a year ago, my son Gregory went to a summer camp with his amazing cousin, Olivia Posner, and he came home so excited to be a part of filming and editing (he even had a cameo appearance in one of the scenes in the movie). Our latest adventure was this summer. My youngest, Benjamin wanted to be on the acting side of the camera. He was amazing and I am so grateful to YAS for investing time and talent in him, bringing his fun personality to life on camera. We can't wait to get started in Fall classes! -- Maryellen W.

DYAS was a big part of preparing Olivia in her pursuit of the film Industry. She is currently a Junior at NYU's Tishe School of the Arts Kanbar Film Institute. -- RaeAnn P.

My son Aaron just started his second year at this school and absolutely loves it! -- Patty S.

DYAS has made such a huge difference in our daughter's life. We have watched our quiet and shy little girl grow into a more confident and secure young lady. I know DYAS has played a huge part in this. Seeing our daughter so happy literally brings tears to my eyes. We are so thankful for the knowledgeable and passionate owner, staff, and volunteers! -- Tiffany E.

My theater teacher at school told me about YAS when I asked her about getting into TV & Movies! I love it here!


Being at YAS is such a great way of introducing TV & Film acting to my 11 year old daughter! She's always enjoyed performing in dance classes and now she's expanding her talents to Acting. She's learning so much and having a lot of fun making new friends.

My son (9 years old) kept asking me about becoming an actor. Thank goodness my friend who had a child at YAS told me how YAS has helped them. They had been to several places before, but nothing much happened until they came to YAS! He got a Talent Agent within 1 year!

I just booked another TV Pilot and my latest movie is getting great reviews! If it wasn't for YAS and Director, Linda Seto who believed in me, I wouldn't be working in Hollywood! Thanks for everything.

We were so excited that both our son (10 yrs old) and daughter (14 years old) were accepted into the YAS program. They helped us with their headshots, building a resume, and the advice and support that parents of actors need!

We heard so many wonderful things about YAS from a few friends woh had their children in the Acting Program that we knew our 13 yr old daughter would fit right in! This is our 2nd year!

I thought all acting studios were the same until I found Young Actors Studio of Dallas! Here, they offer classes in Acting and even a behind-the-scenes program! Now, I am an actress and learning to direct, write and produce!

Being a dad of a teenage actress, I appreciate that YAS is highly regarded for its excellent educational training by top Universities Theater and TV/Film arts departments.

Being a professional Talent Agent in L.A. for many years, I've seen top Acting Studios and have represented many of Hollywood's child and teen stars. YAS's acting program is by far the most encompassing, offering its young actors more training and experiences, and opportunities more than any other acting studio! YAS has an outstanding reputation for preparing young actors for Hollywood for over 20 years!

When I started searching for a place to help me with a 10 year old aspiring actress, it was difficult to know who was legitimate and who wasn't. After spending over $1800 in a few months, and not really getting anywere, a friend told me about YAS. YAS helped their daughter get into the acting business. I wish I had known about YAS earlier!



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